At J. Allen Hatters, we strive to be the hat-lover’s treasure trove. Our mission is to stock our shelves with the best-quality men’s hats imaginable, including contemporary and classic hats made with long-lasting and great-looking materials. Whether you want something casual and cool or elegant and timeless, you’ll find it in our stores or on our site. Our large selection ensures that any guy can find a hat style that suits his personality and tastes.

Welcome to J. Allen Hatters!

Hi, my name is James White. I am an Ohio-based image consultant. I was trained and certified in image consulting by the world-renowned Robert Pante’ who once said, “Image isn’t everything, but without it, you may not receive all that you’re worth and all that you deserve”.

I have spent over 2 decades in the fashion industry as an Image Consultant, Executive Sales Manager, and Fashion model in Chicago, IL. I have a wealth of experience as a Buyer and Visual Merchandiser. My goal has always been to teach men and women the Art of Style in hat wear. Being trained by Robert Pante’, I learned that there is a difference in being dressed and being well dressed. In hat wear, it is important to have balance and proportion. At J. Allen Hatter’s, it would be my pleasure to assist you in the Art of hat wear.

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